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Environmental Management

Rules on Environmental Management

  • 01

    The company continues to promote the prevention and improvement activities of “Do it as soon as you think” in order to protect the environment and reduce accidents through the entire process of business activities.
  • 02

    The company shall comply with management standards of environmental laws, safety regulations and the business itself.
  • 03

    He company will pursue improvements to minimize environmental pollution and unfortunate accidents in the all environmental and safety factors.
  • 04

    All employees increase and have as a daily life their ability of environmental management and safety precaution to be able to be positively involved in environmental and safety improvement activities through appropriate training and event activities.
  • 05

    By releasing the rules on environmental management, the company shall ensure voluntary transparency of the environment and safety protocols.
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 14001

    It is to give an objective certificate after evaluating the environmental management system across the business activities. It is a certification system to assess whether the company conducts comprehensive environmental management such as environmental policy, specific plans, implementation, operation, checking, corrective action, the review for a manager and continuous improvement, which is more than whether or not the company simply complies with applicable environmental regulations or regulatory standards.